Behaviour of Hybrid Tubular Sections Utilising Seawater and Sea Sand Concrete, Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Stainless Steel

2019-03-12T23:04:33Z (GMT) by YINGLEI LI
This thesis focuses on the behaviour of hybrid tubular sections utilising seawater and sea sand concrete (SWSSC), glass/carbon/basalt fiber reinforced polymer (G/C/B-FRP) and stainless steel (SS). The usage of SWSSC could avoid the consumption of fresh water, river sand and Portland cement, which is of great significance in environment protection and resource saving. FRP and SS exhibit superior corrosion resistance to NaCl than conventional carbon steel. Both short-term structural behaviour and durability are investigated by the means of experimental study and theoretical analysis. This research could promote the application of this construction form through a better understanding of its behaviour.