Biography of Aishinkakura Eisei

2017-11-22T03:54:31Z (GMT) by Hiro Aishinkakura
<div><br></div><div>A biography to honor the memory of their first daughter, Aishinkakura Eisei who had a miserable death at her young age.<br></div><div><br></div><div>Pagination jumps from page 158 to page 160.</div><div><br></div><div>Format: 185 p. Original format loose pages.</div><div><br></div><div>Translation by unknown author. Original text by Ko Aishinkakura and a foreword by Pujie.<br></div><div><br></div><div>Contributor: Pujie Aishinkakura.</div><div><br></div><div>Restricted access: access to the full text is restricted to document delivery requests to supply the item in whole or part, in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act 1968.</div><div><br></div>


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