Bioprocess Engineering of Microalgae to Bioethanol

2019-02-07T23:58:33Z (GMT) by Harun, Mohd Razif
The increasing demand of energy, coupled with the decline in fossil fuel reserves and their increasing effect on carbon emissions, has driven global population to pursue sustainable and renewable energy sources. One of such alternative fuels is bioethanol, which has received a lot of attention recently toward process development for full-scale production. It mixes easily with gasoline fuel without engine modification and provides higher octane rating. It also has lower emission of carbon monoxide, particulate, unburned hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide emission though it has a slightly higher NOx emission. However, the exact economic and sustainability benefits are unclear as existing feedstock materials for bioethanol production, such as corn, sugar cane and wheat, creates ‘food versus fuel’ issue in terms of land competition and other agricultural requirements thus hindering its commercialization. [...]<br>