Built environment and transit use meta-analysis database

<div>This dataset includes data extracted from priors for the purpose of conducting a meta-analysis of the relationship between the built environment and public transport (transit) use. The dataset includes coded data for 1931 data points, deriving from 117 studies. It includes additional imputed data for 480 data points that take the form of an elasticity, deriving from 60 studies. </div><div><br></div><div>Data extracted for each of the priors includes study invariant characteristics as well as observational data. The scope of the coded data includes:</div><div>- Data point identification</div><div>- Data point typology</div><div>- Dependent variable</div><div>- Sample attributes</div><div>- Study design</div><div>- Independent built environment variables</div><div>- Independent (external) variables</div><div>- Model specification</div><div>- Parameter estimes</div><div>- Measures of fit</div><div><br></div><div>Meta-analysis database contents:</div><div><strong>1.1 Data_Eligible:</strong> Extracted information for data points for which elasticities available (n = 480)<br><strong>1.2 Data_All: </strong>Extracted information for all data points, inculding both reported and nonreported (n = 1931)</div><div><strong>1.3 References: </strong>Citation information for records included in this meta-analysis</div><div><br></div><div>Metadata contents:<br><strong>2.1 Metadata: </strong>Index of column headers describing attributes and corresponding levels<br><b>2.2 Metadata_analysis groups: </b>Description of coding of variables into analysis subgroups<br><strong>2.3 Metadata_BE:</strong> Description of coding of variables into analysis subgroups<br></div><div><br></div><div>Supplementary data:<br><strong>3. Notes_formulae_assumptions: </strong>Description of coding of variables into analysis subgroups</div><div><br><strong>4. SE_ave:</strong> Average of available standard errors for each analysis group (independent and dependent variable combination). Includes standard errors provided by source, and standard errors derived from equation 11a<br></div><div></div>