Clinical guideline for the diagnosis and management of work-related mental health conditions in general practice

2019-03-22T02:12:51Z (GMT) by Danielle Mazza Samantha Chakraborty
<div>This guideline is intended to complement</div><div>and extend the existing knowledge and expertise of</div><div>GPs, and to empower them to assist in the recovery of</div><div>their patients, with their patients. Its aim is to provide</div><div>Australian GPs with the best available evidence, which</div><div>they can apply when assessing and managing patients</div><div>who have a mental health condition that has arisen</div><div>due to work factors. Our objective is to accelerate</div><div>personal recovery in these patients. For most patients</div><div>this will include participating in good and safe work, as</div><div>described in the Consensus Statement on the Health</div><div>Benefits of Good Work</div>




CC BY 4.0