Competition Law Transfers in Vietnam from an Interpretive Perspective

2019-02-06T04:38:18Z (GMT) by Le, Vinh Thanh
Like many other developing countries, Vietnam recently imported a Westernstylecompetition law. Given its potential impact on the way the government regulatesthe market and on market behaviour, there is considerable scholarly and commercialinterest in understanding how this law has been functioning and in predicting its future.This study was compiled to address these concerns.Departing from the existing literature that mostly examines the law from apolitical economy perspective, this study took an interpretive approach in the belief thatthe manner in which the law is adapted and implemented ultimately rests on theinterpretive perspectives of key actors, such as legislative drafters and the state officialsresponsible for implementing the law. It explored how Western competition law ideashave been interpreted, adapted and implemented in Vietnam. [...]<br>




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