Erasing the B out of Bad Cinema: Remaking Identity in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

2017-05-22T04:30:30Z (GMT) by Craig Frost
The film remake has been theorised and examined since it first appeared during Hollywood's Golden Age. Today, cinematic horror remakes have clearly cemented themselves as a commercially viable facet of popular cinema through the release of recycled narratives such as <i>The Texas Chainsaw Massacre</i> (2003) and it's prequel <i>The Beginning</i> (2006), <i>The Hills Have Eyes</i> (2006) and <i>The Hills Have Eyes 2</i> (2007), <i>Halloween</i> (2007), <i>Halloween 2</i> (2009), <i>Friday the 13th</i> (2009), <i>My Bloody Valentine 3D</i> (2009) and <i>The Last House on the Left </i>(2009).