Family Demons: The Ghost as Domestic Inheritance

2017-05-22T04:28:58Z (GMT) by Donna McRae
Can you make a film about the aftermath of incest and child abuse and its effect on three generations of women in the same family? Would this film contain an inherited ghost running through the narrative that could represent repressed feelings of "colonial" guilt on another level? Could this film prick the conscience of a nation that might be shuddering in silence for all its past sins? Would you get funding for this film from an Australian funding agency if you didn't have a track record? Would this very serious film fill cinemas – especially Australian ones? Could you get international profile actors to star in your film? Or would Australian film actors like Gracie Otto, Susie Porter, and Wendy Hughes be interested enough to become involved and, moreover, respect your vision? And, last, but most importantly, as an emerging filmmaker, could you be guaranteed complete control over your creative decisions?



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