Important ingredients for a successful transition to school

2016-11-07T23:16:44Z (GMT) by Mirkhil, Moska
The transition from the home environment or an early childhood setting to formal schooling is an important turning point in a child's educational journey. Research literature has identified that the manner in which a child experiences the transition to school has significant implications for children's future social and academic success at school (Cassidy, 2005; Dockett & Perry, 2007). This article presents some of the findings from a recent study that examined the interwoven nature of children's transition to school. This qualitative case study examined the perceptions of key adult stakeholders about the processes involved in a seamless transition to school. The stakeholders who were involved in this study were parents, early childhood educators and primary school teachers. The study was carried out across three kindergartens and three primary schools in inner suburban Melbourne. The findings from this component of this study indicated that all key stakeholders vary in their views about the necessary ingredients that contribute to a child's transition to school, although it is significant that their ultimate and common goal is for children to experience a successful transition to school.

International Research in Early Childhood Education, vol. 1, no. 1, p. 60-70