Informal physical activity and sport: Personal and social skills, self-reflection tool.

2019-01-23T01:09:45Z (GMT) by Justen O'Connor Dawn Penney
If an intent of physical education is to provide young people the knowledge, skills and understandings they need to engage in lifelong and lifewide movement experiences, then it should do so with consideration for emerging societal and cultural shifts in the ways people are participating. ‘Informal participation’, characterised as participation that is not linked to formal clubs, is expanding greatly as people increasingly lead multi-faceted, time-poor and busy lives. This reflection tool foregrounds the personal meaning and challenge people experience within shared social experiences of physical activity and sport. It can be used by educators and students to evaluate personal and social goals as well as physical goals that can lead to a fuller experience and the development of key knowledge, skills and understandings associated with informal physical activity and sport participation.