Kuklinski's Dream

2019-08-14T03:33:27Z (GMT) by Cat Hope

for 3 carving knives, 2 strings, clarinet and electronics.

Commissioned by Golden Fur.

Premiered at the Melbourne Recital Centre, March 2010, by Golden Fur

Other performances:
Decibel, PICA, June 2011.
Decibel with Mitsuaki Matsumoto at Sound Unbound, August 2017.
Recording: Disintegration: Mutation, CD, hellosQuared.

This piece attempt to depict an atmosphere that may reflect the final moments experienced by the victims of notorious New York Mafia hit man Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski (1935-­2006). The tools of his trade establish a texture in this work that is then mirrored and juxtaposed by more traditional musical instruments. Excerpts of Kuklinski's signature, taken at the time of his imprisonment, are used as notation in some parts of the score. You will need the Decibel Score Player to read this work, and the scorefile to insert. This piece can also be read from a video file.