Menelik head voxel model (with CST Studio and SEMCAD X header files)

2018-11-08T08:12:43Z (GMT) by Behailu Kibret MALIN PREMARATNE
The folder contains the Menelik voxel model (Menelik_Raw.raw) , which is an 8 bits unsigned integer binary file. The dimension of the matrix is 396x514x442 (x,y,z), with spacing of 0.5 mm in each direction.<div><br></div><div>The folder also contains voxel header files for CST Studio</div><div>- CST-voxel.vox contains header information</div><div>- CST-Material.txt contains the electromagnetic materials properties of the anatomical structures defined at 100 MHz (the values can be changed later after importing voxel data in CST Studio).</div><div><br></div><div>"SEMCAD X Color Names.txt" file contains the RGB color code and tissue names to use along with "Menelik_Raw.raw" when importing to SEMCAD X.</div><div><br></div>