On The Roles of Nanostructured Materials in the Thermal Performance of Micro Heat Pipe

2018-03-05T22:40:12Z (GMT) by JIE SHENG GAN
Thermal management has been a challenging task due to the extensive development of electronic devices. With miniaturization of electronics devices, conventional phase change heat transfer devices are insufficient to counter the heat generation in the coming future. The heat transfer capability of a micro heat pipe is predominantly limited by its liquid recirculation limit know as capillary limit or dryout limit. The heat transport capability could either be improved by enhancing the working fluid thermo-physical properties directly or by refining the heat transfer surface to enhance the key operating principle of micro heat pipe (MHP). In this thesis, experimental studies as well as mathematical modeling were conducted and categorized into 4 separate stages with the aim to evaluate the role of nanostructured materials in the phase change heat transfer efficiency of micro heat pipe.


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