Percentages of records by Australian Artists in the Melbourne Charts 1960-89

2013-03-12T06:21:42Z (GMT) by David Groenewegen
<p>My count of hits by Australian artists in the Melbourne Top 40 Record Charts 1960-89, based on the material in Guest, Thomas J. (1991). <em>Thirty Years of Hits</em>. Collingwood, Melbourne: M. J. Maloney. ISBN 0-646-04633-0.</p> <p>Done for my Masters thesis at the University of Melbourne in 1992, which was later published as Groenewegen, D., (1997) <em>The Real Thing’? The Rock Music Industry and the Creation of Australian Images 1958-87</em>, Moonlight Press, Melbourne.</p> <p>I had quite strong views on what an "Australian" artist was at the time, so artists such as the Bee Gees and Olivia Newton-John are not included. This might make it difficult to replicate the data if you use the same very manual process.</p>



CC BY 4.0