Perinatal Outcomes Among Indian-born Mothers in Australia

2019-03-14T03:02:26Z (GMT) by KANMANI BARTHASARATHY
Indian-born mothers giving birth in Australia face adverse perinatal outcomes, despite access to excellent healthcare. My research reveals that Indian-born mothers living in Australia are not affected by widely recognised risk factors for adverse perinatal outcomes, such as single status, older maternal age, smoking, weight, and poor antenatal attendance. Rather, Indian-born mothers are at increased risk for higher rates of dietary related medical conditions (hypothyroidism, iron deficiency anaemia and vitamin D and B12 deficiencies). Indian -born mothers are at increased risk for induction of labour, emergency caesarean, low birth weight, and preterm birth, implying a relationship between adverse perinatal outcomes and Asian ethnicity. Antenatal care tailored to the special requirements of pregnancy in Indian-born mothers is recommended.