Submission to the Senate Parliamentary inquiry into a better family law system to support and protect those affected by family violence

<p>This Parliamentary Inquiry represents an important opportunity to address the impacts of the family law system on families when family violence is involved. It offers a critical opportunity to improve the way the system supports and responds to those affected by family violence.</p><p>Our submission is structured into five sections: </p><p>1. Monash Gender and Family Violence Research Program Overview </p><p>2. Family Law System and ensuring the safety of those affected by family violence (ToR 1) </p><p>3. Arrangements in Family Courts (ToR 3) </p><p>4. Capacity of Family Law Professionals in the context of family violence responses (ToR 5) </p><p>5. A national approach to the administration and enforcement of intervention orders for personal protection (ToR 6)</p><p>Relevant recommendations are included throughout; a summary of recommendations and a list of relevant references are included at the conclusion of the submission.</p><div><br></div>