Talempong pacik

2017-06-20T01:59:20Z (GMT) by Kartomi, Margaret J. Kartomi, Hidris
For male and/or female participants. Hand-held (pacik) gong-chimes (talempong) played in standing or stepping position and sometimes played in processions. Among the most beautiful, sacred and highly rated instruments in Minangkabau culture are the gong-chimes which combine with drums, also sacred and highly rated, to form ritual talempong ensembles. (For more information, see Margaret J Kartomi, On Concepts and Classifications of Musical Instruments, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, pp.225-234.) Talempong pacik usually consist of six gong-chimes which may be played by three people holding two gong-chimes each. The three musicians play the anak (basic rhythm on downbeat), the tengah (in between the other two) and the peningkah or pembalang (often on offbeat and decorative) rhythms in an interlocking texture. In this image, the talempong pacik are distributed among four men and have rhythmic support from a frame-drum with jingles. Copyright 1985. Notes prepared by Bronia Kornhauser with Margaret Kartomi, School of Music-Conservatorium, Monash University. Photography by Hidris Kartomi.