‘Learner-centredness’ in English language education in Thai universities: A narrative-based inquiry into EFL teachers’ beliefs, practices and identities

2018-03-13T03:17:01Z (GMT) by AUNYARAT TANDAMRONG
This PhD is a narrative-based case study, investigating the knowledge and practices of 11 English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers in four universities across Thailand with respect to the nationally mandated policy of ‘learner-centred education’ (LCE). Data was generated through semi-structured interviews and classroom observations, and analysed using a combination of thematic and narrative inquiry methods. The study finds large variations in the teachers’ knowledge, classroom practices, professional development experiences and professional identities. It urges policy-makers to re-visit LCE policy, considering the feasibility of its implementation. It also encourages institutional leaders to better support teachers’ ongoing professional learning needs.