Levi Durbidge

PhD Candidate - Applied Linguistics
Monash University, Melbourne
I have been involved in language education for more than 15 years in Japan and Australia at both the secondary and tertiary levels. During this time I became interested in the experiences of internationally mobile students, in particular how crossing borders affects language learning and shapes identity. My current project focuses on the long-term study abroad experiences of Japanese adolescents and uses a mixed-method approach to identify the key factors which affect their learning, identities and life trajectories. Critically, I believe more attention needs to be placed on how the wider technological and social environment affects the experiences of today’s academically mobile young people. My ResearchGate profile.


  • Durbidge, L., 2019. Technology and L2 engagement in study abroad: Enabler or immersion breaker?. System 80, 224-234.
  • Durbidge, L., 2017. Duty, desire and Japaneseness: A case study of Japanese high school study abroad. Study Abroad Research in Second Language Acquisition and International Education 2, 206-239.